Dodge the Dodo

From here. The following are all from Serendipity

oooooh 'Gordon Rush Royal Blue Suede Boots' 
and for good measure:
Fairly sure I walked past this lot yesterday... 

I couldn't remember where I originally saw this, but managed to find it again :-)


So as the hip ones amongst you will know - new Radiohead album 'King of Limbs', I'm on my third listen (No don't worry I'm not going to review it) and whilst doing so I've renamed this blog (back to the original name in fact... still Jeff Buckley lyrics). Remade the banner as well, writings not quite as nice as before, but on the plus side there's now a mouse.

And for those that didn't see it, here's the original banner,

Buy 'King of Limbs' here

Eighthundred Streets by Feet

Another downside to Beth going back to London, aside from the obvious, is my inability to make less coffee...

Meaning I'm currently sitting here on my third cup listening to jazz/buying clothes instead of going to the gym/working.

But when it's this good?

Elevation of Love

Ben Powell is one of my (fairly) recent discoveries, his debut album 'Preliminaries' is simply outstanding - It's on spotify, have a look/listen. I actually found him when looking for Pierre Bensusan videos on youtube, here's a video of Ben covering the aforementioned's, beautiful (and difficult!),
 'Le Jardin d'Adonis'.


A couple of images from the Northern Quarter after a lovely meal at Cafe North, rather goode ya.

I've nicked them off my wonderful girlfriend Beth, who has an equally wonderful blog: , including the rather artsy photo of me (my reflection?) at the top. 

Beech, Josh.

Pictures are not my own,

Josh Beech and Meghan Collison, Levi's '09

Recent Gig, Manchester Ruby Lounge, 31st January 2011

Not the best quality pictures I'm afraid, taken from my phone, couple of a shots of my setup, first time using the Boogie live. Grand. 

 Josh sound checking the drums. 

Great venue, top notch sound guy as well.
Here's some Jeff.